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Mattel – DC Club Infinite Earths Fire

Fwoosh Feature of the Mattel DC Club Infinite Earths Fire Figure. This article contains a full review and over 20 high resolution pictures.


With the expansive nature of the DC Universe Classics/DC Infinite Earths line, I knew that we would eventually get our JLI staple Fire; however, it never once occurred to me that we would get Fire with the possibility of getting her best pal Ice in severe jeopardy.

Yes, this is my first DCIE feature since we learned that the Club would not continue in 2014, so I will take just a moment to say that I am quite sad. I was just not done with the collection, and it is my longest on-going collection going, and one of only two lines for which I have ever been a completist. So yeah, it makes me sad that we still have several character holes left that need to be filled, and another year or two would have helped with that immensely. I really do hope that Mattel finds a way to make DC continue to work on Matty Collector. Maybe as quarterly waves with Collect-and-Connect figures, or something. Give us more like what DC collectors are accustomed to getting at retail. At the very least, we NEED to get that Ice figure no matter what. You just cannot have a DC collection that contains a Fire figure without Ice. You just cannot.

Anyhow, I have made no secret that the International iteration of the Justice League was my first League. Ted Kord Blue Beetle is my favorite comic book character, so to have the opportunity to see him surrounded by all of his teammates is a great thing. We have done pretty well so far, and, Rocket Red not withstanding, everyone from Booster to Captain Atom has been pretty good. Now that Fire is added, I dare say that I really would only NEED Ice now, but getting Dr. Light would have also been great too. By now, though, I think the possibility of getting the latter is extremely distant.

Fire, overall, is a good figure, at least for me. Yes, I was championing the “flamed-on” version, but if they were not going to do that, they at least made her in the correct and most iconic costume. I know that several people were not all that excited for her at SDCC, and that the figure they had on display had a weird and malformed jaw, but I think the final figure turned out much better. I mean, if you know the standard DCUC females, you are not going to get anything surprising here, and she has just enough new tooling to cover the essential new pieces. Sure, she is probably not going to stand out the most within your collection, but the figure certainly represents Fire well.

Fire is known for being, um, outgoing, and for wearing a lot of green. Oh, and also for having some pretty big hair too. This figure certainly foots the bill for the latter point, and when you compare the size of her skull against the size of her hairdo, you can plainly see there is certainly a lot of it. Her face actually came through production pretty well, I think, especially in light of the original outcries about the overall shape. She has her big green eyes and pursed lips that fit the character well.

Past the head, Fire is built on the smaller female base body, so she shares several common pieces with Stargirl. He does have her standard new bustier top and hip-hugger belt. Sure, they are not really conducive to taking on supervillains, but the flame-on effect takes care of that. She also has her glam-rock boots with pretty impressive heels. I have not found that she has any issues with standing, at least no challenges beyond what commonly comes with DCUC females with smaller feet.

Finally, Fire also comes with a bit of green flame effect that you can fit over her small gloved right arm. It was nice that they included this as an accessory, but it is just too bad this became a more common occurrence just in time for the line to end.

Overall, Fire is a fine figure that will look great amongst her JLI cohorts. I was really hoping to get a chance to build that team out more in the Club, but it looks like it was not meant to be. As I said, I really hope that Mattel finds a way for DCUC to continue on Matty Collector, but, at least, PLEASE get us our Ice to go with Fire!

Fire is now sold out on Matty Collector, but you can still pick her up on Amazon or BBTS. They are linked below.

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