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Holy Busted Wallet! New Batman ’66 pix from Hot Toys!

Bat-Fans rejoice! Hot Toys have just released new images of their Adam West Batman and Burt Ward Robin figures. Making Mattel’s recent offering look like so much guano, Hot Toys Batman and Robin feature remarkable likenesses, alternate face-plates and more show-accurate accessories than you could shake a batarang at!


Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb, but that won’t be the case here. These figures are stunning representations of Messrs. West and Ward and are sure to go faster than the Batmobile! I know I’ll be saving my pennies — toys this amazing come along only once in a lifetime. Stay tuned for more Bat-News as it happens — same Fwoosh time, same Fwoosh channel!

Jason R Mink is the Man in the Ant Hill – 09/19/13