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Disney – Infinity



Disney Infinity

Disney released Infinity, its new game this past month, which is an interesting combination of different game plays. The game has third-person adventure-style mechanics in four different games. There are three games included based on Pirates of the Caribbean, The Incredibles and Monsters Inc. These are pretty standard third-person games with plenty of grinding and adventuring. The fourth game — ToyBox — is an open world where you can pretty much build whatever you want. By playing the three adventure games included, you can add new things to your environment. Very Minecraft. It’s also multiplayer or two-player. There is an online aspect, but I haven’t figured that out; there might be a multiplayer option there as well.

In addition, this game capitalizes on something started by Spyro and then Skylanders: the playable figurine character. Like Skylanders, there is an interactive base that you can put a compatible figurine on representing a character you get to play in the game. Each character contains game and character data that allows you to perform the character’s signature moves in the game. As with Skylanders, this is a great concept — especially for collectors.


The figurines are fantastic. They are beautiful pieces of mass-produced PVC art. If they weren’t made for a video game, I’d still buy these for the display value; Disney really hit the ball out the part on their design. And the design matches the game. The properties are limited right now as they are mainly Pixar-related themes, with the exception of The Lone Ranger and Pirates of the Caribbean. But the potential to have every Disney property represented is mind blowing. There are thousands of characters that you could build collections of.

And back to the game play. There are a ton of untouched properties that can be exploited for designing your ToyBox. The mind boggles and then explodes at the possibilities.

I picked up the game for my family and it’s been a hit. My youngest already used up his allowance to buy some more figures, and we are eyeballing the ones that we don’t have yet. Time and money — need more of them. Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure.

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