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Bandai – Gundam Perfect Grade Mk II


There was a brief, magical time when I was a huge Gundam collector. I bought all the 1/144 scale models that I could, and I customized the crap out of them. I was huge collector of the One Year War Era, UC 0079, which was just a fantastic period in the Gundam timeline. There are other eras that are just as interesting, in particular the 0087, when we see the mk2 hit production. Zeta Gundam never really did it for me as a bot, but the mk2 is a fantastic design and a perfect upgrade for Gundam. It’s always been my favorite and I still use it as a late war piece in my Gundam collections. When Bandai announced the arrival of the Perfect Grade mk2 in July 2002, it was a no-brainer for me to buy.

Titans or AEUG? This is a tough call. As part of my late 0079 fantasy world, the Titans version would make more sense, but I’m a traditional guy and I like my Gundam white or off white, so AEUG it was! But the Titans versions of navy blue are gorgeous, and I have the MG version in Titans colors.

There are two important reasons that I bought this kit. The first was the size, coming in at 1/60 scale I knew this would be a fantastic display piece. Sadly it is lumped in with my Japanese toys collection at the moment, but it is a stand-alone piece. The other reason that I purchased this kit was for the kit. As a model builder, this kit represents an apex in plastic modelling. So many parts, so much potential and fun to be had, and so many details to work out.

There is a ton of parts in this monster; I don’t know the final count, but there are working pistons, “hydraulics,” and tons of articulated goodies. The figure is built as you would expect a robot to be built: from the inside out. A large, mechanical, articulated skeletal frame is built and then the armor is placed on top of it. It’s a beauty to build. I’m a speed builder; I like to build them and then enjoy them. Fellow Fwoosher boydrw likes to take his time, so much so that he forgets to actually put the models together. He’ll read the instructions, study the plastic bits, put the models back into the box, take them out again and then put them back in. He’s built them in his head, while I like to actually build them. It’s almost like a premature ejaculation; I can’t wait to get my hands on the little plastic bits and cut them out that I forget to actually enjoy the build. I think I built this in about eight hours.

And I did not paint the bugger! I did not want to ruin this magnificent out-of-the-box creation with paint our stickers. Don’t misunderstand me, I’d love to paint this bugger up. Nothing would give me more pleasure. But it looks perfectly good the way it is. A little sanding of the sprue and we are golden, ready for play and display.

And I do play with this beast. It’s made to be played with; the incredible amount of articulation begs that it be played with. I’m not certain that I can list all the articulation without breaking the page, but let’s just say it makes a Marvel Legend look like a child’s toy. This thing can just about do everything within reason. There are even joints that allow you to access panels and innards; the designers really went to town thinking about how a real robot would work.

And that’s what makes this kit so awesome. It really is a scaled version of a robot. It is how one could imagine the final product would look: panels coming out, hydraulics, moving parts, all dependent on each other. It’s fantastic and mind shattering. And you can build it.

It’s not perfect. There are some joints that are loose or can’t really support the weight of the figure. Over time these weaknesses start to “show” and the figure starts to be a little droopy or list to one side. It doesn’t take away from the figure; if anything, it gives it a bit of character. Some humanity.

For expert model builders that want a challenge and want to have a display a quality item on their shelves, then this is the kit for you. I can’t recommend it enough. For all it’s ten years of age, it’s still a wonder to behold.

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