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SDCC 2013 – Toy Notch Lost Planet 2 Toys


Recently ThreeA Toys announced they are producing Lost Planet 2 toys. In June they sold their first offering, which was a 1/6 (12-inch) action figure, and at SDCC they showed more of their upcoming 1/12 (6-inch) figures. For lovers of the Lost Planet franchise, this was fantastic news.

That is until SDCC ’13 when a small company called Toy Notch announced they have the license to produce 1/18, or roughly 4-inch-scaled, action figures based on Lost Planet 2. Not only did they make the announcement, they also showed off some beautiful prototypes. These look absolutely amazing, and whether you are a fan of Lost Planet or not, these figures and mechs will be a fantastic addition to any 4-inch action figure collection.

Toy Notch is a new company and not much is known about them. I’m working on getting more information from them and hopefully scheduling an interview with them in the future.

Lost Planet 2 is part of Capcom games’ Lost Planet series about the people of earth searching out new planets to colonize after earth has become uninhabitable. It’s not a new theme, and, yes, there are tons of similarities to other games (Halo) and science fiction properties. I’ve never played the game and I have heard mixed things about it, but the graphics and concept are out of this world and perfect for action-figure worlds.

Huge thank you to Robokillah for taking the pictures during the Con, and as he said, “The only reason that I took pictures is because I thought they looked cool.” Sometimes that all it takes.