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3A Toys – WWRp Deep Powder Bramble

DP Bramble13

The Deep Powder Bramble MK2 had the distinction of being the first robot released by 3A in the 1/6-scale World War Robot series, and that pretty much makes it the first officially released 3A ‘bot ever.  Once the World War Robot portable (WWRp) line got going, however, this particular ‘bot was skipped over in favor of a variety of other colorways. There was a “Winter Defense” Bramble that was released, which is a stylistically similar colorway, but the proper Deep Powder Bramble would not be released in the WWRp line until this year, which is odd, but it’s cool that we finally got this guy nonetheless.

The Deep Powder Bramble was sold on Bambaland, along with the classic Euro Bramble, back on March 18, and I couldn’t click “add to cart” fast enough since the Deep Powder colorway is the main colorway I collect, and I’d been waiting and hoping for the day this ‘bot would be made available. The 1/6 version is one of the main “grails” that exists among 3A toys because it was such an early piece. Since there weren’t that many 3A collectors around then, there really aren’t too many of them out there, so this smaller version may do something to satisfy the itch for those who would like the 1/6 version, but find it to be a bit out of their reach.

It’s always cool to see new box art since it often features new artwork by Ashley Wood. While I do like the look of this box, I do have to say I miss the window-box design of the earlier WWRp Brambles. It was easy to showcase the ‘bot in that box, which made it a bit more MISB-collector friendly. I’m an opener, so it wasn’t really that big a deal to me, but I’m sad to see the display-box option go.

DP Bramble3

The Bramble MK2 has always been considered to be one of the classic, definitive 3A ‘bots due to the “oil can with arms and legs” look of it, so it was really cool to see one of these classic ‘bot designs released again. The colors of this guy have always been a bit odd because while this may have been the very first of the Deep Powder ‘bots, the colorway in general has evolved away from the bright “lemony-white” that we see here. Apart from some of the decals, it doesn’t look all that much like the Deep Powder colorway at all, but some other random, rusty white and gray ‘bot.

All the classic Bramble MK2 elements are here: the canister backpack, that Gatling gun, and the four bags that attach to the pegs around the ‘bot’s waist. The bags themselves look really unique in that they’re a deep black and brown color with some white paint applied for a weathering effect that ends up looking a bit like frost. It looks really sharp, way more striking than the typical pouches that come with the ‘bots.

DP Bramble6 DP Bramble8

The weathered paint apps look OK for the most part, but they do look a bit “spongy” in places, particularly when you look at him from above. Some of the rust just looks like brown paint that was applied with a sponge. Thankfully it’s only really noticeable under close scrutiny and looks OK in general. The bright yellow splotches are a curiosity, though. I guess white does yellow as it ages and as sun exposure increases, but it’s really bright and noticeable here.

The canister on his back looks to have a signature just beneath the 3A logo, but I can’t really make out what it is. I’m going to assume it’s “Ashley Wood,” but I’m not sure.

DP Bramble9


He’s got all the standard articulation the Bramble MK2s have always had, and his multi-jointed hands and fingers have no problem gripping and supporting his Gatling gun. I’m always so nervous the first time I move the joints of any 3A figure because they always feel so stiff right out of the box. I’m always terrified that THIS is going to be the time something just snaps off, but fortunately that hasn’t happened yet. Still, I never go too crazy with the poses until I’ve felt out every joint.

Like I mentioned earlier, he’s the original, but he doesn’t really look “at home” among other Deep Powder ‘bots. There’s probably some story element that accounts for his design differences, but that will probably have to be left up to the fans to create since there still isn’t all that much information floating around about this series. It’s primarily the decal on that circular armor piece that ties him into the squad the most, along with the snowflake on the top of his head. Despite his looking different, I’m really excited to finally have a proper Deep Powder Bramble in my squad instead of the Winter Defense version.

This was a really cool release because it does represent 3A’s earliest days, so it can be viewed as just another Deep Powder squad builder, or as an homage to where this stuff all started. Whatever your motivation may be for tracking one down, it’s definitely a ‘bot worth adding to the collection. Unfortunately, if you’re after one now, the secondary market is your only shot.