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Toy Biz – Marvel Legends Hawkeye


With the upcoming Hasbro Marvel Legends 2013 Series 2 coming out this summer it was time to get into the way back machine and review some figures that are getting an update. I already covered Toy Biz’s Black Panther and now it is time to cover Hawkeye. As many of you may remember this figure came out in 2004 as part of Series 7. At the time this was one of the most requested figures. Everyone wanted Hawkeye, you can’t have Cap and Iron Man without Hawkeye, the Avengers just aren’t complete.

At first glance the prototype seemed ok; it was a bit on the skinny side but it seemed to have everything going for it. The right costume, a solid sculpt, Ant-Man on an arrow. I love the classic looks of superheroes. Sure there are always modern updates that work, but truth is I like the good old classics. Partly it’s nostalgia; it takes me back to the time when I was kid reading comics in Circle K’s, Handy Andy’s, Walden Books. Oh those were the days. Soda pop and bubble gum on summer days. But I also like the costumes, certainly there are some costumes from the Silver and Bronze Ages that are better forgotten, but there are quite a few that worked. Hawkeye’s costume worked and is very timeless, sure there are some updates to it, but it’s still the same costume.

Hawkeye debuted in 1964 as circus act become criminal become hero; he had a Robin Hood air about him that made him an instant favorite. He was pissy with Cap, never really followed the rules and thought he could do better. And when push came to shove he was the ace in the hole during a crisis. He was Wolverine before there was a Wolverine. And like Wolverine he hasn’t always been handled well. The recent Avengers movie has lifted him to A list status and his recent leadership of the Secret Avengers in the comics is well written. It’s a good team for him to lead. As you can tell there were high expectation for this figure.

And while the sculpt was ok, the costume was spot on and the articulation, well it was loaded. Hawkeye could hold his bow the way he was supposed to! He could pose and be put into acrobatic positions. Everything was right! This circus performer turned archer turned rogue turned hero had all the posing goods needed. Hawkeye featured all the standard Toy Biz Marvel Legends superposability:

  • -hinged toes
  • -rocker ankles
  • -hinged ankles
  • -shin swivels
  • -double knees
  • -thigh swivels
  • -ball hips
  • -swivel waist
  • -hinged ab
  • -rocker shoulders
  • -ball shoulders
  • -swivel biceps
  • -double elbows
  • -swivel forearms
  • -hinged wrists
  • -articulated fingers
  • -hinged neck
  • -swivel head

But the figure has some serious flaws, ones that I just can’t overlook. The first is a nitpick, but I’ve always seen Hawkeye as a bigger, fitter character; and if I am really anal then I’ll refer to my Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe where he is listed as roughly the same size as Captain America. This size was burned in my brain and getting a smaller, thinner Hawkeye just didn’t work. I wanted more beef on the figure.

The other deal breaker for me was the legs. Again, skinny, and taking the feet into consideration, tiny. I mean really small feet. Poor Hawkeye, not only was he thinned down but they gave him small feet. And bow legs. Oh my, I’ve tried all the heating and cooling tricks in the books, but they don’t work. Hawkeye is permanently endowed with rickets. There’s no way about it. The final insult to the small feet, skinny legs and bow legs is weak crappy plastic. Hawkeye is one of the few figures that I just can’t get to stand up without support. Even taking pictures was a challenge as he kept falling over. Even Zombkin and Fighting JC are laughing as the zomb horde overpowers poor Hawkeye.

I’m super excited about the upcoming Hawkeye figure from Hasbro as I think it easily surpass Toy Biz’s offering. If you are really in the need you can pick up old Hawkeye on Amazon.com.

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