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SDCC 2013 – Live Panel Broadcasts – UPDATED 7/16/13


It is getting closer! The 2013 San Diego Comic Con preview night kicks off in exactly one week and your regular cast of Faithful Fwoosh Staffers will be there getting you all of the scoops, pictures, interviews and any other information that we can muster. We have several things running this year that will make this the best convention coverage we have ever offered. As with the past, our Face Book page and Twitter feeds will be blazing with all of the latest information and our Front Page will be the home for all of our comprehensive coverage.

However, this year we will bringing you a new feature to the site – live broadcast feeds of all of your favorite panels! Yep, Mattypalooza, Hasbro Marvel, Star Wars and any of the other favorites we can drag our asses to will be streaming live for you “almost there in person” experience. Be the first to see all of those brand new little plastic men you love debut at the biggest nerd ball of them all.

UPDATED! Please see below for our new listing of panels that we will be streaming via our LIVE FEED page! More to come!

So, how does it all work? Well, for you Fwoosh Faithful it could not be any easier. When it comes time for your favorite panels to begin, all you have to do is navigate to our brand new LIVE FEED page and tune in. If you don’t have this link handy, you can always access it from the top of the front page or the forums by clicking on the LIVE FEED button. Here, let me show you:


It will take you to the Live Feed page, and once there, you will be able to see all of the reveals as they happen. We will start the broadcast about 5 minutes prior to the start of each panel so things will be all set for you. Now, you will probably have to watch an advertisement (you know how these things go) ranging in 30 seconds to a minute, so plan accordingly. Just push the play button in the viewer, grab a cold one and relax!



You will know we are broadcasting because you will see the “Off Air” indicator switch to “On Air” when it all begins.


Now, one thing to remember here: we are at the mercy of modern technology. The WiFi strength in the panel rooms is normally pretty good, but if it gets over taxed, the feed may sputter in and out. We are NOT counting on this (and praying to the Zombie Jesus for clear streaming) but if something does happen we WILL have all of the panels uploaded to the aforementioned front page each day, and our Twitter and Facebook feeds will be going as well during the reveals.

Sounds pretty good, right? Don’t worry, we will be reposting this reminder a few times and will update this post with the schedule of our covered panels as we nail them down, so check back often and tell all your friends!

The Fwoosh will be THE spot for your up to the second information from SDCC 2013!

Current Panel Schedule: UPDATED on 7/16/13!



Mattypalooza: 11am – 12pm PDT, Room 25ABC – MOTU, DC, etc.

Hasbro Star Wars: 1pm – 2pm PDT, Room 7AB – Star Wars

Mattel and DC Comics: A Celebration for Collectors of All Ages!: 3pm – 4pm PDT, Room 25 ABCDC, Batman


Hasbro Marvel: 4pm – 5pm PDT, Room 25 ABCMarvel Legends, Marvel Universe

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