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Mattel – DC Universe Classics Earth 3 Luthor

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I know I’m not the only one who wanted this figure, but sometimes it feels like it.

Alexander Luthor came as part of a two-pack with Ultraman sold directly on Matty’s website back in 2009.  And in doing so, Matty pretty much made my year.
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As an avid DC fan, I’ve always loved the multiple Earths that existed pre-crisis and occasionally post-crisis. I think having multiple Earths was a brilliant way to navigate the transition between the very different Golden Age and Silver/Bronze Age DC. Having Earth 2 be the Earth the Golden Age heroes resided in, while Earth 1 be the “current” Earth was a stroke of genius, aided by the occasional crossing of worlds. When I was a kid I ate this stuff up. Ironic that multiple earths were canned as being too confusing, when even in single digits I never had any troubles with it.
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Alexander Luthor made his debut in DC Comics Presents Annual #2 in a story with three different Luthors and three versions of Superman. The switch was this time Luthor was the good guy on a planet where Superman was “Ultraman,” and was anything but good.

Superman, Superman, and Luthor teaming up to fight evil. What a world.
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I’ve wanted an Earth 3 Alexander Luthor figure ever since reading that comic. It’s like that two-pack was made for me. It’s taken a lot of flack over the years, but I’d like to shake the hand of the decision-maker behind it.
Earth 3 Luthor
As far as the figure goes, it looks like it jumped right out of the comic. The head-sculpt in particular is an underrated gem, one of the best in the line. His  beard looks realistic, his face has a nice paint overspray to make the detail pop, and his  signature helmet looks as if was  pulled right out of the panels from 1982.
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It uses the stock medium-sized DCUC body with an overlay that has sculpted-in stitched elements and texturing on his oversized “L.” His overlay ended up being much better than the one used on his packmate Ultraman.
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Unfortunately, the figure is missing the jetpack that Luthor wore in the comic — which is a shame because an almost identical jetpack debuted with the earlier Adam Strange figure — and his bootcuffs seem to be upside down, but I’m willing to overlook both details. Well, maybe not willing, but I was, and am, too happy that this figure was acknowledged as being plastic-worthy to worry about such things. He’s a perky, poppy, and colorful figure that epitomizes the best (to me) of what DCUC represented as a line:  the fact that you could get “your” figure, the one that you wanted forever.
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Luthor didn’t have much of a life in the comics, getting wiped out with his world in the Crisis on Infinite Earths. But obviously his short tenure made an impression on me, and my getting a figure of him so early in the line let me know that this line was going to be something special.
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