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Medicom – Real Action Heroes: Guts Band of the Hawk

Before he was the Black Swordsman, he was simply Guts, the raid unit leader for the Band of the Hawk. With this new MEDICOM release, we’re taken back to a simpler time for Guts, as they proudly offer a trip back to the golden age with a 1/6th version of the raid leader himself! Guts looks simply stunning in my opinion, right down to the movable eyes (too bad he loses one, huh?) and great big Claymore. My favorite aspect of this item, personally, is the cape. It’s a wonderful shade of red with a clasp of the Band of the Hawk’s symbol. Also included is his raiding helmet, which is beautifully sculpted, and I personally can’t wait to see a pic with the helmet on. You can get Guts at Amiami for about $200. Guts will hit your doorstep in February.

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