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Icer Glides In!

Maaaan, if you are like me, the start of Club FilMation is the biggest MOTUC event of the year! I am excited to be getting these characters and I really hope the club will be offered again in the years to come. Icer looks GREAT!

From Matty Collector’s Facebook Page:

The Filmation subscriptions has begun! Icer ships in July to to all Club Filmation sub holders with additional small quantities available for day of sales. Note Icer does not ship to Club Eternia members. Club Flimation was a separate purchase back in Feb. with one new Filmation character each month (from either the classic He-Man and Princess of Power shows!) July through December 2013. Icer comes complete with ice pick weapon and the animated version of the Staff of Avion. Finally a cool accessory for your MOTUC Stratos figure! (or anyone else who wants to wield it!)

Icer all packaged and ready for his cool premier


Icer from the back with an all new MOTUC bio


Catch you on the boards!


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