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Hasbro SDCC Announcements

Hasbro has finally revealed their 2013 SDCC items and are set to top their previous offerings.  Where last year they delivered a a thrilling if hard to acquire three-pack, this year they’re pulling out a Modern Thunderbolts five-pack! Hasbro is really showing a dedication to team building and this is a great way to get a huge chunk of figures all at once. Good luck to those braving Hasbro.com!

In addition, there will be offerings from Jem, My Little Pony, and another GI Joe/Transformers mashup, this time a huge set featuring A VAMP in Hound colors, a Jetfire-flavored Skystriker, Baroness, Ravage, a non-transformable boom box version of Blaster.



Enough words, click through to USAtoday’s article to read up on what you’ll be shaking your fist at later this summer!


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