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Fwoosh Contest of Champions – WHO WOULD WIN IN A FIGHT? Iron Fist vs. Mr. Fantastic

Iron Fist Mr. Fantastic

In the Fwoosh Contest of Champions, Fwoosh staffers Ibentmyman-thing and Hagop choose champions from across the world of fictional entertainment and ask the age-old question: Who would win in a fight?  This time out, it’s Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic vs. Danny Rand, Iron Fist.


Benty: Stretcho can stretch all he wants. Danny would quickly find out that direct attacks won’t work on Reed’s stretchy form, so he’d switch to evading Reed’s attacks. While Reed’s abilities allow him to handle himself well with ordinary fighters, he’s never been very good at fighting more adaptive and rigorous partners like Spider-Man and others. While Danny doesn’t have Spidey’s speed, he’s a pretty quick dude, so I believe Iron fist can evade his clumsy, unskilled attacks until Reed tires and/or extends past his maximum limit for stretching. With enough distance between the two of them, it’s a matter of stamina. If Reed got lucky and managed to trap Iron Fist in his expanded body, then all Iron fist would have to do would be that thing he does and channel his chi and start pounding. I’d bet he’d be able to wear down Reed and fist his way out before passing out.

Hagop: “Fist his way out”? Let’s keep this PG, OK?

Seriously though, the problem with fisting his way out of a Mr. Fantastic bear hug is that he wouldn’t be able to punch. Sure, he could focus his chi, but it’s the kinetic release of that chi that does the damage. His fist would be wrapped tight against his body, and he doesn’t have enough natural strength to pry it loose enough to give himself the leverage to land any kind of punch.

Reed would encase him and cut off his oxygen until Danny passed out.


That’s a good point. Then it would depend on whether Fisty was either A) Able to stay away from getting wrapped up in his bidness, or if he got unlucky, then B) Start hammering away before Reed could fully encase him. I don’t think a simple punch even from the vaunted Iron Fist would knock out Reed since he’s taken some pretty heavy shots from other heavyweights. At best he’d have to somehow disable him — fool him into getting tied up with his own stretchiness.

Yeah, Iron Fist’s only chance is to dodge Reed long enough that Reed tires out and leaves himself open for a few good strikes. But as fast as Danny is, eluding Reed would be like dodging an octopus; he’s everywhere at once — coming at you from all angles!

Yeah, Sue on date night is usually exhausted. 

I guess this is why he’s not named Mr. Average. Reed is big winnah.