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Bandai S.H. Figuarts – Sailor Mercury update!


Tamashii Nations announced the arrival date and the MSRP (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price) for the next Sailor to join Sailor Moon! The MSRP is 4,410JPY or $45, which is a lot of money for a 6 inch action figure; remember this is an import toy, high quality super-poseable action figure. The quality is good; we’ve covered some of Bandai’s MonsterArts, Ultra-Act and S.H. Figuarts and they’ve all gotten the fwoosh stamp of approval. Sailor Mercury will arrive to our local toy peddlers October 13th 2013. That’s this fall for those of you needing to know!

Wow, talk about the nostalgia of it all! Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury off on crazy adventures: getting their asses kicked, kicking ass, ahhh the memories!

As you remember back in April I posted  about the Sailor Moon announcement which was sending the internet all over the world into collector frenzy, I think the internet excitement was so crazed that it caused outages all over the globe. Without a doubt this line will have some collectors gagging on their own vomit and others giddy with joy as their favorite short skirted heroine’s fill their toys shelves!

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