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Top Five – Wonder Man Costumes that Need Figures

Wonder Man changes costume so much you’d think he was a mutant. He’s certainly had his fair share of, let’s say, odd ones, but it’s the uniqueness of them that makes Simon fun. While he’s received a Marvel Legends figure before, that one sucked and sucked hard, reaching unbelievable levels of suckage. He couldn’t even put his arms down properly to his side. SUCK.

So yeah, Simon needs a new figure. Here are my top five most toyetic looks for our favorite Man of Wonder:

Ionic Wondie


From his time in the Busiek/Perez run of the Avengers, this was already immortalized in plastic form as a variant, but as I said: SUCK. I really like this look for him, and while I wouldn’t want it to be his only representation, having this version as a variant of his normal look would be more than acceptable.

Bringing us to:


Redo of the ML figure that sucks


I think I’ve used the word suck enough, so let’s just say getting a brand new version of this costume would be completely welcome. My weakness for black and red aside, this is a snazzy look for him, and having alternate glasses on/glasses off looks would be icing on the plastic cake. If not the ionic version, I’d think a modern version would be a fairly simple variant for this costume.


Second Appearance


I’m not into fans who poop on costumes because they’re unique and call them garish. Welcome to comics. I’m a fan of bright, bold colors and the way they interact. And I really like the design of Simon’s second appearance costume. It looks powerful and unique. Just like him.


First appearance


When Simon first showed up, it was essentially as a villain, smacking the Avengers around like little bitch puppets. He needs respect due for his first costume, an odd blend of red and green (like Christmas!) and tummy squiggles. It’s a divisive look, but, like his second appearance, it’s got a crazy mixed up charm, and would make a killer figure.


Safari jacket




The crème de la crème. To me this is the default Wonder Man. Unique, individual, unafraid to stand out in the crowd — this is what I envision in my head when I hear the words Wonder Man. Or Wonder bread. Or Wonder Woman, oddly enough. This outfit splits fans right down the middle. I don’t think I’ve heard a middle ground. People either love it or hate it. Simon’s ionic: that means he doesn’t get hot, doesn’t sweat. It’s all about the fashion for him. So he doesn’t need to go into battle wearing skintight spandex. Red jacket, red boots, some black — bam. That’s how you make an entrance. Nobody does it better, and this is what I want my next Simon figure to look like. But I’m flexible: I’ll take a box set of all five. Seriously, look into that, Hasbro. For the true funk soldiers, getting all the top costume choices at once is the only way to fly.

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