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Top 5 Reason Batwoman Deserves A Figure

It’s ridiculous. Ridiculous, I tell ya! Yeah, to me it’s ridiculous that modern Batwoman has yet to receive the action figure treatment.  Before you bring up that hideous DCD 52 figure, I’ll argue that it doesn’t count. I don’t count that awful-looking DCD figure because that was before Greg Rucka and talented artist J.H. Williams got their hands on her. The first modern Batwoman that originated in the weekly 52 series and the one that first appeared in Detective Comics 854 are basically completely different characters.

If you haven’t read Batwoman yet, I highly suggest you go out and get a few books now. Start with the Batwoman: Elegy trade collection and then just  keep on reading.  It’s all good stuff — just try and not like it. I dare you. There’s great art and great storylines with many twists.  There are monsters, gods, crooks, dirty political agencies, good guys, love interests, family problems, the works.

So because I love the books and the character so much, I decided to put together what I think are the top 5 reason Ms. Kate Kane, aka Batwoman, should get the action figure treatment she deserves.

Number 5: To put it simply, she kicks ass.

She can scare what she wants out of you, like so:


Or she’ll just beat the hell out of you and take it


She’s military trained with a gymnastics background. Her fighting skill level is on par with all the other Bat-family members, and she probably only takes a backseat skill-wise to Batman and maybe Nightwing. She doesn’t take any stuff from anyone and hands out beatdowns like it’s beatdown giveaway day at the park.

Number 4: She’s so tough and determined that she’s actually died twice and lived to tell about it.  Twice.

Here, she recalls her bout with getting stabbed in the chest by the Religion of Crime members who believed that sacrificing her (with a knife through the heart) would bring about their prophecy.


The second time, she convinces Batman to let her overdose on Morphine because her injuries that she suffered in a cave collapse are fatal, so she’s fine with dying because there’s a Lazarus Pit about ten feet away…

Batman And Robin #8 017


Number Three:  The costume is just too cool to not get a figure.


The black with the blood red is very striking. Add the double layered cape, a sweet-looking mask, and a flowing head of red hair and I’m in.

Number Two: She’s already gained the respect and admiration of many other heroes including…



 And Wonder Woman


She’s on both their speed-dial lists. She was also offered membership in the Justice League and Batman Inc., but turned them both down because it would interfere with her mission.

And the number one reason that Batwoman needs a figure:

She’s never taken the easy road.  Even when she maybe should have.


 Given a chance to hide her sexuality to stay in the military and graduate top of her class at West Point, she stood her ground because lying would trample on everything she and the military she loved so much believed in and stood for.

After being discharged from the military, she’s stuck wandering aimlessly through her life. She no longer has that sense of order and reason she got from her military life. That is, until she has a fateful meeting with someone who becomes the sign she was waiting for.


That’s what she needed for a wake-up call. Seeing him and realizing what he stood for gave her an instant sense of purpose, a calling…


I could probably go on and on with more reasons Batwoman deserves a figure. Her villains are awesome and her supporting cast could be fun figures too. But these are my main five reasons. So come on, Mattel or DCC, let’s do this!