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Masters of the Universe Classics “Spirit of Hordak” Figure on Matty Collector

Well He-Fans, it looks like the white Horde crossbow mystery has been solved. Perhaps more mysterious is the figure it belongs to… The Spirit of Hordak! A secret figure drop, this guy was completely unannounced and was only available for a very short window. It looks like I checked the intertubes just in time, so I got lucky and was able to grab one. I do stress that it was pure dumb luck, though. He has disappeared for now, but Matty has promised that he shall return.

What do you think of this execution? Pretty crazy, I would say. Sound off below in the comments section.

Here is a link to a Hordak search on Matty Collector:


And the direct page with nothing available at this time… I would suggest checking it a lot if you want a figure.

Direct Page

Finally, a fleeting picture of the Spirit himself!


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