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Mach 5 Toys Announces M5-01 Gauntlet – 3rd Party Fistitron

This comes as no surprise to you guys, but I freakin’ love Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers. So, needless to say, any product that draws inspiration from Nick Roche’s artwork (like Generations Springer) has my instant attention.

So I’m very excited to bring your attention to 3rd-Party newcomer Mach 5’s announcement of their original Ironfist figure via Facebook:


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I’m liking what I see already.  I love supporting the new guys, but I have been burned before. Luckily, Mach 5 appears to be very in-tune with the fans, keeping them updated on their progress, like these test-shots they posted today:

922966_475148545896448_1040572251_n 581924_476532972424672_941971790_n

A little rough looking here and there, but it is early in production, and I appreciate their willingness to keep us in the loop.  As it sits right now, he’s planned to come in around 5″ tall or so (making him a short, but stout, deluxe), and they’re aiming to keep him under $50.

Also, they’ve got a Crankcase planned! Bah!


We’ll keep you updated, but make sure to drop by their page if you’re Facebook savvy — they’re very enthusiastic about getting feedback!

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