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Unexpected Toy Finds – Plush Ray Stantz

Plush version of Ray Stanz


I didn’t try the game — I have no confidence in my ability to pull out anything, much less the figure I want — so I immediately went to Google and found a few listings on eBay and Amazon.  These are licensed plush dolls from a company called Toy Factory.  I had hoped Bigbadtoystore.com had them in a four pack.  Another thing I found out from my Google searching is that it turns out these came out in 2011, so I really missed the boat on these things.  You can see them all in toyfactory’s online catalogue here:


They have all sorts of cool licenses like Gremlins, Jetsons, and even The Wizard of Oz.  I want that Wicked Witch of the West, man.  I guess I need to pay more attention to what’s in the claw machines.