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Top 5 Most-Wanted Upcoming GI Joe FIgures



With the Retaliation line in full swing again with waves 1 and 2 having hit across the country, it’s nice to see the Joes have a strong retail presence again. Plus, it’s creeping closer and closer to the day that the incredible wave 3 gets released. As great as wave 3 looks, there’s also a wave 4 coming, so I figured I’d put together the five figures that I want most out of the remaining two waves.

Number 5: Blind Master

G.I. JOE 3.75 Movie Figure Blind Master A0490

Now I know he’s not the true “Blind Master,” but dammit it’s a RZA figure! And as a long-standing member of the Wu Clan Nation, I’m obliged to put him here. Plus, he really is a cool-looking figure.

Number Four: Ultimate Cobra Commander


G.I. JOE 3.75 Movie Figure Ultimate Cobra Commander A2278 a

G.I.-JOE-3.75-Movie-Figure-Ultimate-Cobra-Commander-A2278-bG.I. JOE 3.75 Movie Figure Ultimate Cobra Commander A2278 c

How can you not like this? He comes with both masked and hooded heads and a personal helicopter/escape vehicle. There have been really good figures of both versions, but this one is just too perfect. Must have.

Number Three: Ultimate Duke

G.I. JOE 3.75 Movie Figure Ultimate Duke A3494

Now, I’m no fan of Duke in the movies, or of Channing Tatum in general, but this figure just looks great. It’s probably not gonna end up being “Duke” on my shelf, but man, I just love all the detail on this figure. It’s at the very least a perfect modern warfare trooper.

Number Two: Ultimate Storm Shadow

G.I. JOE 3.75 Movie Figure Ultimate Storm Shadow A2277 b

Wow. The Renegades Storm Shadow, as awesome as it is, is still not quite perfect for that “classic” Storm Shadow. This figure defines it. Head to toe the perfect iconic Storm Shadow and a must have for any Joe fan.

Number One: Kwinn

G.I. JOE 3.75 Movie Figure Kwinn A4919 c

It’s about freaking time! We were teased before with a picture of him, but it’s finally happening! Everyone’s favorite mercenary Eskimo in cargo shorts is finally getting a figure and will be able to take a place in our Joe collections! Eskimo kisses for everyone!

These last two waves can’t get here fast enough for me.

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