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Something for Everyone in the New Funko Reveals! Sonic, Wolverine, The Big Bang Theory and More!

New Funko Reveals! Misfits!?! Awesome!
Buffet – Hodgepodge – Mishmash – Smorgasbord 
These are a few of my favorite things!
Except for buffets…Too many hands, not enough servers.
But in this case, I’ll take it!
We have a little something for everyone:
The Nerd
The Punk Rocker
The Fan Boy
The Gamer
The Buffet Lover
Pop! Television: Big Bang Theory
We have decided that the Sheldon Pop! Vinyl Figure has been lonely for long enough.
After careful review of his contract, we are finally able to move forward with the Amy Farrah Fowler Pop! Vinyl Figure.
Oh Happy Day!
And look how sweet. I think they are going to make a great couple! (she doesn’t talk) ;)
One Paint Variant Exclusive available through:
Available APRIL 25TH!
Pop! Rocks: Misfit Fiend
Joing the Fiend Club with this new Pop! Rock addition.
And dare I say it?
Punk Rock has never looked so…………cute?
Available MAY 9TH!
Pop! Marvel: Logan
What’s better than a Wolverine Pop!???
A Wolverine Pop! with no shirt.
Thank YOU, Logan!
 Available MAY 9TH!
Pop! Games: Sonic
Over 20 years of giant coins, springs, loops, checkpoints, special stages…and running, lots and lots of running.
Over 40 Games
Over 250 Comic Issues
5 Different Cartoon Series
Let’s face it…Sonic is the man/hedgehog!
Available MAY 16TH!
That was a delicious buffet.