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Their Own Series, Their Own Figure – Marvel Edition

As I stated in my DC Edition of this article, one of my philosophies regarding the choice of characters that go into a toyline is anybody who headlined a title of their own deserves a figure. Marvel Legends has been fortunate in that a significant chunk of characters have been bestowed with that honor, right down to the likes of Deathlok, Dracula, and Howard the Duck.

But there are several who have been left out in the cold, and, after all this time, deserve proper recognition. I’ve chosen five in particular that have had long-running series and would make excellent toys:




A creation of the sometimes unfairly-maligned ’90s, Darkhawk was once rumored to be in the front running for a figure. Between time spent with the New Warriors and various cosmic storylines, and now a spot in Avengers Arena, he’s maintained a constant presence in the Marvel Universe. He’s made his debut as a Marvel Universe figure, but with 50 issues plus annuals and important roles in other storylines, Darkhawk deserves the prestige of Legendary status.




Quasar’s lack of a figure is a huge mystery. An Avenger with 60 issues of his own title, a major player in several crossovers over the decades, an interesting power set, a couple of perfectly toyetic appearances to draw from — he seems like he’d be toy gold. Even the name “Quasar” is cool. He hasn’t even had the satisfaction of having his own MU figure. His lack of a presence is baffling, and it’s time, now more than ever, to rectify that. Regardless of what costume you choose for him, from his Marvel Boy-esque look to the more cosmic look of later appearances, Quasar needs to have his own figure as soon as possible.




Rollerblades and glittery spandex. Dazzler is — along with She-Hulk and Spider-Woman — one of a minority of female headliners of their own titles. That alone should move her from “maybe she needs a figure” to “she has got to have a figure now!” My preference is for her original look, but I can see a case being made for her later outback X-Men storyline appearances. Or others. But for me, if they’re making a chick named Dazzler, she better be dazzling, and that means the glitter, the rollerblades, the whole bright and perky package. Go all the way or go home… or something. But this egregious absence needs to be fixed.


Shang Chi, the Master of Kung Fu


Shang Chi has had well over 100 issues of his own title. Between starring in Deadly Hands of Kung Fu and then taking over Special Marvel Edition (which became Master of Kung Fu from 17 through 125), Shang Chi has had no Legends love. This… is an outrage. Spare me all of his newfangled outfittery. It’s a word. If he’s not wearing his classic, traditional gi, then it’s just not Shang Chi. Yeah, that rhymed, big whoop, wanta fight about it?

And finally:




I couldn’t in good conscience leave him off this list. I know there’s rights issues involved and all, but with over 75 issues and a nice fanbase ripe for a figure, it would be a shame to never see a Rom figure realized in a line of Marvel legends. He would make an unbelievably cool-looking addition to the shelf.




Okay, let’s say that Rom is off the table due to who knows what reason about rights. I never know what’s going on behind the scenes with these people, so let’s pick an alternate choice for the fifth and final spot. Someone with a smaller amount of issues behind him, but whose absence after all these years is just as unbelievable as any other.


Machine Man


No Nextwave. NO! This is the original purple-clad guy with extending arms. While he only had 19 issues of his own titles as the ’70s turned to ’80s, he’s one of those characters that needs a figure of his own if Marvel Legends is going to be as all-inclusive as it can be.

There we go. Five choices plus one. Have a differing opinion? Of course you do. There’s plenty left, so leave a comment and pick your own.