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Outer Space Men Cosmic Creators Waves 3 & 4 Now Available for Pre-Order

The all-new Outer Space Men Cosmic Creators set of OSM Waves 3 and 4, designed by the legendary OSM creator Mel Birnkrant, is NOW up for preorder over at TheOuterSpaceMen.com!

Using the AMAZING Glyos system, created by Onell Designs, and sculpted by The Four Horsemen, this set of Limited Edition figures is ONLY available through the Official OSM site, TheOuterSpaceMen.com!

These amazing sets, limited to ONLY 200 sets, arrive to you signed by Mel Birnkrant himself! You can head over to TheOuterSpaceMen.com NOW and reserve your set TODAY for $80.00! These sets are a MUST have for any collector and fan of both the Outer Space Men AND Glyos!

So what are you waiting for? No OSM collection is complete without this set, so head to TheOuterSpaceMen.com and preorder yours TODAY!


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