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Fansproject Update – Fansproject CA-09 Car Crash and CA-10 T-Bone Available!


Recently I recieved notification from Big Bad Toy Store, a Fwoosh sponsor, that Fansproject  CA-09 Car Crash and CA-10 T-Bone were in stock and awaiting my OK to “ship my Pile of Loot.” Today I shipped my POL at BBTS that included the Fansproject CA-09 Car Crash and CA-10 T-Bone figures that my son ordered. I was informed that they are on the way. There was much excitement and we all rejoiced.


For those of you that have not caught on or have not heard the news, there is a movement in the toy world called “3rd party Transformers”: companies formed and developed that are making original sculpts of Transformers and then selling them via their own webstores or online retailers. Many companies are making fantastic, top-notch toys. While these are 3rd party, not all of the companies have the go ahead from Hasbro or Takara to produce actual Transformers. For example, Optimus Prime might be renamed “Faith Leader” or some such variant.

There are two basic scales that are being produced at this time, one that fits with Masterpiece Transformers, and one that fits with the CHUG (Classics, Henkei, Generations, Universe) lines. Fansproject is producing transforming toys in the CHUG scale, mostly. Their current project is a combiner, meaning multiple toys will combine to form one. Decades old Transformers fans will recognize Devastator or Superion as classic combiners.


Fanproject offered upgrade kits for the Revenge of the Fallen Superion and Bruticus sets — amazing add-on parts that really enhanced the combiners. With Bruticus, they showcased their skill at making full-blown figures, an arm and a leg. The craftsmanship was amazing. The new Causality combiner closely resembles the original Transformer Menasor, the gesalt made from the Stunticons. Car Crash and T-Bone are the first releases and represent the legs from the knees down. In the future we’ll see the arms and chest pieces offered.

Now that these are being shipped, the week or two of excited anticipation begins. My son will go nuts with anticipation, and truth be told, so will I.



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