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CC33: ML Griffin Series by Calbretto

The newest wave of the popular Marvel Legends toy line pays tribute to the mutants and villains of the Marvel universe. Each figure comes with a Build-A-Figure piece of the Griffin. Collect them all!

The fan favourite New Mutant Warlock finally gets the Marvel Legends treatment. Warlock is the heart of the New Mutants and with his quirky appearance, he will quickly become the heart of your collection.
Comes with the head and tail of Griffin.

90s New Mutants Warlock figure
Neck: movie Doc Ock tentacle
right arm: DCUC Antimonitor

Sooraya Qadir had a very hard childhood but was able to find acceptance within the ranks of the New X-Men. With the ability to turn into a living cloud of dust, she is an excellent addition to your team of young mutants.
Comes with the left arm and leg of Griffin.

head: DCUC Raven
body: ML X3 Jean Grey
sash: Full Metal Alchemist Wynrie
face covering: Street Fighter Ibuki

Victoria Hand
While Victoria Hand started out as Norman Osborn’s right-hand-woman during his days as leader of the Dark Avengers, she’s proven herself as a true hero, as she now works along side the New Avengers. She has slowly earned the trust of some of the mightiest heroes in the Marvel Universe.
Comes with the body of Griffin.

base: DCUC Zatanna
glasses: DC Clark Kent

Adam X the X-Treme
Adam X may not be the third Summers brother as he was originally intended, but he is still the most bad-ass 90s X-Men character to jump off the pages of the popular Marvel comic. Adam X truly is X-Treme!
Comes with the right arm and leg of Griffin.

head and body: Ripclaw
arms: Birds of Prey Angel
hat: WWE figure
weapons: TMNT Raphael

Mr. Hyde
Mr. Hyde not only shares the name of the famous fictional brute, he also shares the destructive personality. Hyde spent years terrorizing the citizens of the Marvel Universe and only recently was forced into joining the Thunderbolts B-Team. Can this villainous monster act as a hero?
Comes with the right wing of Griffin.

Bioshock Brute w/ resculpted parts and hair

Nate Grey is the son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey from the Age of Apocalypse. This unusual hero made his way to the real Marvel Universe and has helped fight against evil in a land that is not truly his own. A recent addition to the New Mutants, X-Man is the perfect addition to your team of mutants.
Comes with the left wing of Griffin.

head: DCUC Aquaman
body: DCUC Starman
chest: DCUC Jemm
feet: random UFC figure

BAF: Griffin
John Horton is a truly classic Marvel Z-list villain. While he may not be the most famous bad guy to ever battle Spidey or Ms. Marvel, he has strong fan support. Collect all six figures in the Griffin wave of Marvel Legends and build your own beast!

head: DCD Kalibak
body: ML Beast
wings: birds of prey Angel
arm bands: Stryker

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