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NYCC 2012 – The Watchmen Club Black Freighter Nite Owl

4 thoughts on “NYCC 2012 – The Watchmen Club Black Freighter Nite Owl

  1. If the plastic is the same type they used on Samurai, El Dorado, and the Crime Syndicate Owlman, it’ll be fine. That stuff is really flexible.

  2. Hmmm…I would prefer the Nite Owl as he appears before he goes all soft and pudgy. That cape needs to be rethought. It renders about 75% of his articulation unusable. A combination of the plastic yoke/top and a soft goods bottom piece similar to the approach Mattel took with the 2003 Batman line might be preferable. Also, can’t we get some freakin’ sculpted boot tops for this guy? Sheesh!

  3. Feather stripes being just painted on looks odd to me, but I guess that’s the way the art looked and it’s not like they reused that cape from anyone.

    I was about to call the grapple gun cheesy for being reused from Rorschach, but it’s new.

    Hmmm…I was ready to complain about this, but I’ve defeated myself. The facial expression captures the character well. Somewhat stern, slightly pathetic.

    Oh! No muscles on the torso? That’s a nice effort, too. Not bad at all, this Nite Owl. Just hope the cape is soft enough.

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