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NYCC 2012 – Mattel DC Huntress

6 thoughts on “NYCC 2012 – Mattel DC Huntress

  1. This is one Jim Lee costume design that I really like! I’m still honked off over the screw-up on my 2013 sub! I’m really upset that customer service wouldn’t rectify it and allow me to add a sub after the deadline passed. Thankfully, a fellow Fwoosher is helping me out. You folks are the greatest! So far 2013 looks like a crowd pleaser. I just wish the Malla fig wasn’t a rehash of the Grodd CNC.

  2. Either a wheelchair with a bearded fella, or some guy with a plaid jacket and a pipe, and ill eat my hat.

  3. Pray it is the look they used in JLU as well. NO WANT IF nu52 (never wanted new 52 period) So hope to see color pics down the road.

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