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NYCC 2012 – Masters of the Universe Classics Sneak Peak

So, as per their usual MO, Mattel snuck a “preview” accessory in the MOTUC case today. It looks to be a stark white version of the Hordak crossbow! We cannot be certain what it is for exactly, but the speculation will fly. Mantenna? Callix? Will the Horde Troopers come with the bow? Maybe a FILMation version of Hordak? Perhaps this is teasing what Toy Guru will reveal at Toy Fair regarding the new execution to get more fan figures out faster. FILMation sub-line anyone? Do I dare dream!?! Eek! NYCC is just now ending and I am wanting February to get here!

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Well, I'm fascinated with Greenland. I enjoy teasing animals, action figures, and seeing people running for their lives.
  • J. Lee

    I forget who had a white bow in the vintage. Mantenna I would love to see done but needs 4 legs and wonder how mattel would pull that off.

  • september_death

    I’m guessing Callix….wish it was vintage Horde or (for 200x overall) Dactus.

  • Polo23

    This has to belong to Dragstor or Calix.

  • andthelinegoeson

    Look at the vintage figure releases – Buzz saw Hordak had a white cross bow. Its probably nothing more revealling than that. That would make sense given his part 3 mini-comic appearance.

  • Stygian360

    I assume people are choosing Buzz Saw Hordak because a Hordak variant seems the most logical and quick version to put together, but think about it, his entire chest cavity would have to be hollowed out to make room for the saw gimmick which would necessitate a new buck that Matty doesn’t currently possess. So in a sense he’s no more likely than Calix (no mould), Mantenna (new lower half mold to accomodate 4 legs), or Dragstor (new chest cavity mould at the very least). In other words, it’s really anyone’s game at this point. Oh, and let’s not forget that NA He-man already snagged the Variant slot for either Q3/4, so a Hordak variant seems even less likely. My guess… it’s Mantenna. © 2002-2016 Fwoosh LLC Privacy Policy