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Action Figure Feature – Weaponeers of Monkaa Close Combat Armory and Head Pack

Today at 12 p.m., PDT, Spy Monkey Inc will release six new weapons packs and one new head pack to go with their new Weaponeers of Monkaa figures.  The weapons packs are compatible with the earlier Spymonkey armory series.  Click through for pics of these new items in action!

One Scythe is from Palidar with parts from the Cold Steel Armory series, the other (front) is straight from the Close Combat Pack.

Close Combat Armory Pack

The Close Combat Armory Pack ($5 each) comes in six colorways that work with the six new Weaponeers of Monkaa figures, but they can also be used with previous Spy Monkey weapons sets.  Since the weapon pieces include Glyos system pegs, they are completely interchangeable with those earlier weapon packs and can be used with six-inch scaled figures.

Each Close Combat Armory pack includes two short handles, two gun bodies, two gun handles, two switch pins, a large knife blade, two small curved blades, a scythe blade, and two smaller triangular blades.

The switch pins allow you to plug two female glyos pegs together so that Brutok can hold the gun bodies as above.

The blades can be plugged straight into the fist so it looks like he’s holding a bladed weapon by the handle.

The blades can be plugged into the handle pieces so they can be held by six-inch figures.

The guns kinda help Jango-up my MOTU knockoff Boba Fett-or.

You can also add parts from the Weaponeers bodies to create other weapons.

By mixing the Blue Steel Close Combat Armory, Series 1 Armory and Brutok’s head, you can make some cool variations of the close combat series.

The gun bodies open up some interesting possibilities for building blasters.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, and I’m sure the Glyos build experts will go to town with these packs.  I’ll be back with an article with more builds if I come up with anything cool.

Head Pack:

This pack includes six variant heads in alternate colors, so you can build your Weaponeers in whatever color scheme you like.

Want Brutok in red?

We got that!  Umbreus in Green?

We got that!  Empyreus in green?

We got that!  Umbreus in silver?

Palidar in purple?

We got that!  Empyreus in Silver?

We got that!

At five bucks a pop, these expansion packs for the Weaponeers of Monkaa seem like really good deals.  If you already have some Armory series 1 sets, you need these close combat sets to add to your arsenal.  I love the way the Blue Steel sets look with my Snake Men army.  Buy these items beginning October 1st, 2012, at 12 p.m., PDT, at spymonkeycreations.com.  Thanks to Spy Monkey Creations Inc. for providing early samples for this feature.