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Ask Matty – 9/20/12

Okay, folks – I have to apologize for this as I was out of town and pretty much off the grid for the past week or so, so this is obviously late. Also, I missed the deadline for the next round of answers so we won’t have another go until mid-October. Again, my apologies. Finally, my apologies as I did not have that many submissions for new questions for this round, I hijacked a couple of questions, I am sure you will know them when you see them. I promise the rest of the community and Toy Guru that I shall not ask another General Sunder question again. I think everyone has gotten my annoying point by now. Anyhoo – have at it.

Okay, Matty – now that we are having to go through a change in direction with the MOTUC line, you have mentioned that every SKU needs to count. Hopefully that means that we will get as many characters as possible and through some creative avenues with planned releases. Wouldn’t General Sunder make a great “bonus” to a Horde Trooper set with some minimal new tooling (like his head) and a reuse of the Carnivus or Randor cape? Sounds pretty awesome to me! C’mon Matty, you and the Horsemen can do it!

That would be a cool idea but no plans to announce now. (and yes we are well aware of your personal quest to get this figure made Nic!) ;-P

I might be pressing my luck here, but in the last round you said that you have a plan for all of those FilMation characters that are fair game for the first time. Will you elaborate on just what that means?

It means that we are well aware of whom the top Filmation characters fans want and are actively working to get them into plastic as soon as possible!

I know that villains and females are coming to the fore for requests in the club IE, what females do you feel are the most outstanding at this point? Do you have a list of 5-10 that you feel NEED to be done in order for the Universe to feel complete?

We do have a few females that come up more than others, Ice, Fire, Huntress, Liberty Bell and Granny Goodness all come up a lot.

Now that we are getting Uncle Sam and Doll Man(!) in Novemeber, I am really excited to get more FF characters like the Ray, Black Condor and Human Bomb! What about the Phantom Lady though? Do you think we stand a better chance of seeing the modern or classic take on her?

You tell us! Which would fans like to see!

Since we already know what the line-up for the Club Black Freighter will be due to the make-up of the team, can you let us know what order we will see the rest of the characters in? I want Night Owl so badly right now, the wait is a killer and I just hope it won’t be too much longer.

We can’t reveal that until we have approved sculpts. But we can confirm Nite Owl is intended for the 2013 line up if all goes to plan!

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