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Top 5 Things Fwooshers Should Look Forward to this Fall

Once again, another freaking post from me looking ahead at what is coming and why you should care. This time I’m looking to the fall. You know–that time of the year for the start of school, football, the World Series, Halloween, the presidential election, Thanksgiving (Morten’s Aften), and Christmas. All great pop culture events to get excited about.


I’ll tell you what I think fwoosher’s should be looking forward to this fall.


1. New York Comic Con. Nothing better for fwooshers than to look forward to a gathering. SDCC will be behind us, and we’ll need a toy injection in the arm to get us through til Toy Fair. NYCC will provide a place for shenanigans and fwoosherings.
2. Marvel Legends Wave 3. While I’m really looking forward to wave 4 and beyond,  there are some good offerings in wave 3.  US Agent has been a long-desired Marvel Legend, an updated Mystique is great, and Moonstar gives us another mutant for our X-collections. Those that missed out on the Deadpool/Warpath 2-pack now have a chance to get a Deadpool. While I’m not exctied about Dr. Doom, Puinisher, and Blade, I know lots of people are looking forward to them. And, finally, the figure I am most excited about is Neo-Classic Iron Man, even with moon boots.



3. ThreeA Toys. That’s right–ThreeA is topping my list. They’ve been teasing us loyal followers with pics of Action Portable Adventure Kartel Figures Tommy and Shadow. This summer they even went so far as to offer a Tracky JC in a surprise and impossible-to-buy (Indy and CB will suffer) drop. We know that Fighting JC is rumored for an upcoming drop, and we can only hope for more Zombs!

4. The Hobbit. Oh hell yes. Just… yes. From the movie, to action figures, to LEGO sets, this fall will be dominated by another edition of Peter Jackson’s epic storytelling in a new adaptation of  J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth adventures.

5. Mattel. You know, I’ve personally lost track of what is coming from them this year. I have my DC Universe Club Infinite Earths subscription and I just get whatever comes to me. But no matter what is coming or what’s for sale, we can guarantee that there will be plenty of internet drama to keep discussions going.

As always, I love the fall! There is much to look forward to: gatherings, food, holiday spirit, and toys. Lots and lots of toys.

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