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ThreeA Toys – Adventure Kartel Zombkin!

Finally! The year-long wait is over! Well, almost a year’s wait. The first ever 1/6 and 1/12 ThreeA Toys action figure set arrives. Arrives! Muhuwahahahaha.

Yes. I’ve gone a little–a lot–nuts waiting for this set to arrive. First advertised in October 2011, these figures were available for sale during the famous 2011 Halloween sale. I was blessed to be able to pick up this set. My main interest was the 1/12 action figure, I’m a 6-inch whore and I’ll buy good figures in that scale. Zombkin is also the first Action Portable Adventure Kartel figure, so he was a gateway drug into what I hoped would be more offerings. And I was right–Zombkin and the Action Portable Zombs were only the start. This year we’ve seen pics of Shadow, Tommy, and JC, Tracky JC being a surprise drop.

The Zombkin figures sport the standard ThreeA articulation and body, with the 6-inch version sacrificing the ball jointed ankles of the 12-inch figure. Otherwise, they are the same and they have plenty of posing possibilities.



The clothes are the usual quality ThreeA Toys cloth pants and shirts. These figures sport some Converse All-Stars. The pumpkin heads are awesome and the zomb hands are well done. As you can see, the figure is painted orange and weathered all the way through.

I’ve been playing with these figures nonstop since I got them. Fun to pose and fun to create havok with other figure collections like Marvel Legends, DC Universe Classics, Four Horsemen Fantastic Exclusive, NECA, and, of course, ThreeA Toys. My ThreeA universe is all mixed up–I adhere to the guidelines that are given in the posters and books, but the figures exist in one universe for me. There are no rules, just fun.

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