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Spy Monkey Creations Teases New Product Line!

For months the Spy Monkey Creations Inc. boys have been teasing their new product line saying, “It’s not just weapons anymore.”  Today they released the above logo and a link to their new website www.weaponeersofmonkaa.com.  I have to say, I love this logo.  It has a total ’80s toy line feel and the name sounds like it comes from that era as well.  I’ve seen quite a few guesses online as to what they had up their sleeves, but none that I saw guessed figures!  I sure didn’t.  From what I can tell, it looks like they have created a back story about a group of characters that created the Spy Monkey Creations Inc. armory series.  The website teases two factions, the Gearo and the Vilhain, and also shows silhouettes of two characters.  Sounds like good stuff to me.  Check out the website for more details.  It looks like they’ll be teasing little bits of information Monday through Thursday starting 9/4/12.

The Mysterious Armory. Behold it’s myriad of colors, powers, and configurations. Where did it come from? Why is it here? Who or What is responsible for arming the cosmos with such powerful weapons?
Well, we at Spy Monkey Creations are about
to reveal the answers to those very questions this fall! The answers have some wondrous new surprises. Join us at the following link every Monday thru Thursday at 9am PST beginning Monday, September 3rd and ending on Wednesday, September 19th. Each day we will reveal a new chapter in “THE STRANGER’S TALE” as he embarks on a grand adventure of discovery and action.
Then on Saturday, September 22nd join the entire Spy Monkey Creations crew at Power-Con as we reveal everything The Stranger will witness and encounter in the coming weeks. It is sure to awe and amaze.

“We are the architects of the cosmos. That destiny must be forged wisely.”