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Ask Matty – 8/31/12

I know we have not had our Ask Matty posted for a couple of cycles now, but we finally got some new questions before the last deadline and Matty has answered! Back to the swing of things:

1. Matty – we know that Ram Man was an expensive figure to produce due to all the new tooling, but what about General Tataran, King Ahgo and Grox? Those guys can use Ram Man parts to help the cost and MOTUC needs some trolls and goblins like crazy! Don’t forget about them!

At this point with a dwindling audience the chances of getting to fully tool’d Filmation characters is a bit less. Not off the table, but honestly we’d rather do fan demanded figures like Sea Hawk, Icer and Strongarm vs Grox at this point. Maybe one day!

2. I am a little concerned about how the chance to FINALLY get FILMation characters might be slipping away now with so much focus being put on the vintage line. Do you have plans for these characters to get them out? Don’t forget about fans of Filmation and those that want more than just the vintage cast.

Yes, we have a plan!

3. I really appreciate you adding Elasti-Girl to the 2012 line-up. Now I know that Bill in design is a big Doom Patrol fan so make sure that he and everyone else don’t foget about MENTO! The Doom Patrol is not complete yet!

And don’t forget the Chief!

4. We got three females in the Club IE in 2012, since there are more months covered in the 2013 program, can we expect to see more than three females in 2013?

Time will tell. Remember, in 2012 we also had oversized figure slots and one was female. Without these additional slots (due to fewer and fewer sub holders) we have less overall slots for all.

5. Thanks for getting us a sticker sheet for the Great Rebellion. How about some for the Evil Warriors and the Heroic Warriors? The two most important factions are the only ones without stickers/logos!

Maybe in time. Nothing to announce right now.

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3 thoughts on “Ask Matty – 8/31/12

  1. nice though the doom patrol i would consider finished when the chief is made since to me the doom patrol was just the original one. for the other versions done by grant morrision do not have enough support to have them made other then negative woman. and maybe danny the street as a play set

  2. Sounds like Doom Patrol may get finished after all. The talk of more fem characters givws hope for Ice, Fire, Indigo1, Oracle ( if get the chief we got the chair), Huntress, VIXEN, Cassie Wondergirl, etc.

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