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Ask Matty – 7/2/12

Well, toy fans, this is the last edition of Ask Matty before we head to the big dance in San Diego in a couple of weeks. It is upon us! We have the answers to your queries ready to read, but I am sure nothing is going to get the visions of [possible] Masters figures out of your head.

Can you give us some insight to the influence for the dragon for DB Skeletor – most notably the head? It doesn’t really look like the vintage toy or any art I am able to find, did the 4H take a different path this time?

It was 100% a design choice from the Horsemen. We did not direct them on how to sculpt the head.

Of all of the unique characters left to make in the MOTU line (from all vintage MOTU iterations) who do  you consider to be “A-List” characters?

Ram Man comes to mind. But he may be more of a B character. The A listers like He-Man, Skeletor, She-Ra and Hordak have been done.

Will we find out at SDCC if there will be WWE Legends offered on Matty Collector in 2013?

Sorry the WWE team was not available this round to answer questions.

Since MOTU is getting a “fan vote” slot in the Club Eternia for 2013, is there any chance that DC can have one too?

Not at this time. We don’t yet know if we will have enough subscribers to have a line in 2013 since the 2012 line just scraped by. We will have a meter once again for DCU’s online sub and will only go forward if we get the min number of subscribers.

Who do you consider to the most fan-demanded character that has not made it into the DCUC format yet?

From Toy Guru:

“That is a tough call. Wally West and Elongated Man come to mind. But there is also a lot of demand to finish teams like the Metal Men and Doom Patrol. It depends on who you ask!”

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