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Weekly Roundup

Greetings once again from Franky and Blue!

For all of you Double Fine fans who are excited for old Tim’s new game, we have a preview for you to see! Now, it’s not the Kickstarter-backed game, but that’s not really a bad thing seeing how nice this one looks. With seven characters to pick from, this one is gonna be a fun ride. Check it out at Games Radar:


With the lights going out on servers for Demon Souls, be happy to know that North America will be keeping its servers online. ATLUS says the servers will stay on longer after originally being set to go offline at the end of this month. Furthermore, they also said further extensions of server time are possible. Yay!

Guess who’s not going to E3!? Bungie! That’s right, the folks who made Halo and Marathon have decided to stay home. When asked about it, they had this to say:

“Never started one, and we’re not going to be at E3 in any official capacity this year. Some of us will be there, lurking from booth to booth, but don’t expect any announcements.”

Well, maybe next year!

Until next time!