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Upcoming MOTU Figures – Spikor and Sir Laser-Lot Carded Samples

Toy Guru popped into Facebook today to share some new packaged pictures of Sir Laser-Lot and the I-cannot-frikkin-stand-the-wait-until-he-is-released SPIKOR! Check them out after the jump!

Just got in two new carded samples of upcoming MOTUC figures! So here is some bio goodness for your enjoyment!

Spikor Carded

Spikor at long last in the MOTUC line. He goes on sale in July on on Mattycollector.com

Spikor Card Back

Spikor’s all new bio. Having never had a definitive origin in the comics or TV series, now was a chance to flesh out his background a bit, based mostly on his single vintage mini comic appearance!

Sir Laser-Lot

Geoff Johns’ contribution to the 30th line (he is a huge childhood fan of MOTU). Laser-Lot was created when he was still playing with MOTU toys and is now proudly the next 30th anniversairy figure!

Sir Laser-Lot Card Back

Laser-Lot’s all new bio!

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