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First Look – The Mystic Hammer

The Hammer has finally fallen. We have been bringing you updates on the progress of Fwoosh Friend Joe Amaro’s Mystic Hammer project, and now we are very excited to tell you that the fruits of his labor will be to the benefit of us all! Yes, the first (small) batch of Hammers has been completed, and they will be going up for sale very soon (details below), so now your mightiest warriors will be able to take up arms against ancient evil minions! The cool part is that we have a sample of the Mystic Hammer in our hot little hands right at this moment. Wanna see it? I know you do! Read on to see the details of the smitingest hammer to hit your shelves since Mjolnir.

That’s a BIG Hammer!

If you are familiar with Joe Amaro, you know his name has become synonymous cool toy making. The former man at Jazwares has spent a lot of his spare time making awesome action figure customs and being a very well-respected part of the online community. Plus, you know, that whole professional resume thing–I am willing to bet you might already have an Amaro piece in your collection and you might not even know it. But now the man is taking his skills and panache to the DIY scene and we can all just hope that the Mystic Hammer will only be the first in a long line of offerings in the future. So, thanks, Joe, for sending along his advance copy to our offices.

The Mystic Hammer

So what do you get when you get a Mystic Hammer, you ask? Well, you get a piece that looks, acts, and quacks like a high-quality production piece that could be from a giant company with infinite resources. I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. All of the pieces, materials, paints, and molding are professional in every way. I know there is sometimes concern about the stability of small-run items, and while I would not suggest hammering any real nails with this baby, it feels more solid than a lot of the accessories you might get with a standard action figure.

Hammer Head!

The plastic or resin used in the various pieces does change depending on the surface. For example, the handle is cast in the actual color, so there is no paint that can be scraped off when you place it in say, your MOTUC Tytus’s hand. However, the metallic head is hollow and very smooth to accommodate the silver and bronze paint applications. Wait, a gray handle? Silver and bronze? Aren’t those the colors of the armor worn by the aforementioned Tytus? I see what you did there.

Ready for Action
Made for a Giant
Now, bring on those Snake Men!

So yeah, while this hammer can be used for a variety of large-scale figures that you might have hanging out on your shelves, let’s face it: it is almost as though this baby was MADE for Tytus. It fits him well, and he can hold it perfectly; it is light enough that it does not throw him off balance, and, if you are in the lot that does not care for the snake-chopper/picker-upper thing, this baby will deliver a much needed threat. The thing about that is I have never been one of the haters of Tytus’s original weapon, but the Mystic Hammer looks so much better, so that is how it is going on my shelf.

Don’t need you anymore!

I really cannot say enough about the craftsmanship and quality of this piece, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great weapon for their MOTUC Tytus figure, or any other brutish fellow that might need a good smashing implement. The best part is this baby is going up for sale on Joe’s site, and I mean right soon! Joe is going to be putting some up for sale on his site on JULY 6th. That is next week! Joe is an outstanding part of the “guerrilla toy” movement and your support will help ensure that we get to see more pieces like this in the future. We will continue to bring you updates about the on-sale time, so stay tuned right here! In the meantime, you can check out the conversation Joe had with our podcast crew or check out Joe’s site for some of his amazing custom work, including the amazing Attack Trak.

Snake Smasher
Megator Masher

*We want to thank Joe for sending along this advance copy of the Mystic Hammer–we really appreciate it! Everyone be sure to check out the links below for more info on the Hammer and the man himself.

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