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Cool Toy Photo Alert! – AdultCollector’s MOTUC

Photo of Teela by AdultCollector

Photo by AdultCollector

One of my favorite things about The Fwoosh is all the cool toy photos posted on our forums by our members, and occasionally I like to highlight their talents here on the e-zine.

Photo by AdultCollector

AdultCollector is an excellent customizer and frequently posts cool action figure photos on our Masters of the Universe forum.  Lately he has posted a ton of crisp, cool portrait shots of the MOTUC figures.

Photo of custom Teela by AdultCollector

I especially like the above pic of his modified Battleground Teela.  Man, she looks formidable in this shot.  I never thought Teela needed a cape until now!  He even has templates for making these capes available here.  As a bonus, AdultCollector has shared a shot of his lighting setup so you can get a better idea of how he gets these great shots.

Photo by AdultCollector

I’ve used a similar setup with shop lights with an improvised diffusion screen attached, but I never thought of using cans as a base for the clip-on shop lights.  I’m definitely stealing that idea.

Check out a lot more awesome MOTUC pics by AdultCollector here: