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Ask Matty – 6/15/12

Matty got your answers, he got your answers, so check ’em ou-out, after the ju-ump!

The FilMation license grants access to A LOT of really cool characters that NEED to be made into action figures. Can you tell us what the character to figure strategy is, as in – how deep do you plan to go? There are a few really big names that seem like givens, but fans want those memorable one-off and couple of episode figures too. Thanks.

We plan to sprinkle in Filmation characters into the main line just as we do other major factions starting in 2013 (we managed to get Shadow Weaver into the 2012 line by kicking out another figure already slotted in). We will absolutely look at hitting some of the big guns right away but will sneak in some surprises as well to ensure we don’t burn through all the fan requests too quickly

What are some of the most wanted FilMation characters around the office and within the team at Mattel? How about the Horsemen?

Fang Man, Scorpia, Shakoti, Octavia, Sea Hawk and Icer/Strongarm come up a lot. Lizard Man is also a fav of the Horsemen. But this doesn’t mean they will be the next toys. They are just ones we like.

A lot of the time, people refere to Ram Man as being a new and one time tooled figure. I don’t think that is true, I think characters like General Tataran, King Ahgo, Grox (to name a few) could share a lot of parts with Rammy. Is this being taken into consideration for future use of our elusive head-basher?

Anything is possible, but nothing to announce right now.

Any updates on what figure is coming after Black Mask in the sub? Ivy and Platinum have been shown, but release dates have not been provided.

You will find out all of these details at SDCC at our fan panel at 12:00 on Friday, July 13th in room 25ABC.

Matty, dude, you are killing me here. Not a single Freedom Fighter in all the life your six-inch figures. Is there any hint or scrap you can throw me for some hope? The 4th of July is right around the corner, that would be a stellar time to announce Uncle Sam.

Freedom Fighters is a group we want to get to. Nothing to announce right now but stay tuned for our fan panel at SDCC on Friday July 13th at noon.

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