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Ask Matty – 6/1/12

Are you ready, kids? I can’t heeeeeeeeeear you! Of course I can’t hear you. Anyhow, it is the first of the month and Friday to boot so here is your latest round from Matty. I want a FilMation MOTU sub so bad I can taste it. Enjoy!

Matty, the New 52 Batman is a great looking figure, but is there any reason he didn’t get double joints, or at least double knees? He seems to fit the “character selection” and “need for all-new tooling” that you guys have talked about when it comes to adding articulation…

This was a design choice.

We were told that some of the SKU types for Club Eternia were changing in 2013. Has consideration been given to the idea that it actually makes more sense to always have more than one figure ship per month to make shipping more economical? Would a thought to always having at least two figures per month be part of the SKU realignment?

We actually tried very hard to spread out the offerings in 2012 but our entire schedule was thrown off by some logistical issues beyond our control. So much for the best laid plans!

So, Jay Garrick was the first Club IE figure and, from what we can tell, he sold out really fast. Did he perform to expectations in regards to what is needed to grow confidence in the DC club?

He performed well, but the real indicator will be how well the 2013 sub sells.

Matty, FilMation was kind of like turning on the flood gates in terms of characters that we have been waiting for for decades – please tell me you are considering offering a FilMation subscription so that we can get to all of these great characters!

Sorry, we can’t comment on that right now but it is a cool idea to catch up on what is an underrepresented faction.

This is for the DC Retail line in 2013 – can you please confirm that the Four Horsemen will continue to do sculpting and design work for these offerings? In the past you said that the figures planned for retail in 2013 will “work with our existing collections” and that is just not possible without the 4H at the helm. Thanks.

Yes they will.

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