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3A Toys News – Warscape Diorama Sets

Today 3A Toys announced a very exciting addition to their 1/12 scale World War Robot line — dioramas. Little is known what this will entail, exactly, since only a very simple teaser was posted on the official 3A blog, but the potential here is absolutely huge. More after the jump.

The subject of dioramas for the WWRp line has been brought up again and again in discussions in various online forums, but this has been the first concrete hint that something may actually be on the way, which is very exciting news. It’s a chace to not only expand the WWRp universe, but the crossover potential here is huge. If these dioramas were to be compatible with Transformers, Marvel Legends, or, heck, even GI Joe and Star Wars, then 3A could see a lot of collectors new to the brand picking up dioramas for whatever line(s) they collect.

The mind reels at all the possibilities: Moonscapes? Martian landscapes? Battlefields with fallen robots? Factories? The possibilities are almost endless, and right now, that’s what makes this announcement particularly intriguing.

The chief concern here will be size. How big are these suckers going to be? Will they fit in a standard bookshelf display, or are we going to have to invest in tables and floorspace to host what could end up looking like battlefields?

As of right now, we know next to nothing about these, but hopefully all our questions are answered soon.

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