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DisThunder’s Dilemma – Is it Time for a Scale Change?

DisThunder is undergoing an identity crisis! What scale collector is he??!?!?

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Okay, deep breaths here.

Six Inch figures has become very depressing for me. DCUC is dead (and no, not long live DCUC), Plan B toys has been gone for a long time, and other than maybe Turtles, there’s not many lines coming up to replace them. There’s Legends, back and doing some good stuff, but in between, there’s lots of old base bodies, for every Bucky, there’s Constrictor, or Klaw, or even Fantomex, that reminds you of the less glorious figures Hasbro has done.

A few years back, there were other six inch lines just about everywhere. Now, even an old-school favorite like Thundercats can’t hang past a single wave.

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