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Ask Matty – 5/15/12

Did you get all of your MOTU and DC goodies today? If not, it looks like stuff is still available! In the meantime, the latest answers from Matty are after the jump.

Scott, even with the DC sub in place, why is there not a DCUC-compatible SDCC figure this year? DC collectors are already dealing with the least amount of figures for a year since the start of DCUC so the chance to get another one would have been very welcome. Why couldn’t we get our figure? This is a very disheartening time for DC fans.

Some fans were confused (or Angry) that we didn’t do a 6” DCU (Classics) item at SDCC this year. Honestly, a big part of that was that we now have CIE on Mattycollector.com. In the past, we needed SDCC to put out 6” figures (for the “overall collection”) that didn’t fit into the retail line for one reason or another. Whether this was due to character selection (Lobo) piece count (Plastic Man) or a plus’d up package with light and sounds (Wonder-Twins), in the past SDCC was our avenue to deliver items that really “didn’t work at retail for one reason or another”.

Now that we have Club Infinite Earths on Mattycollector.com, we can offer all of these executions without having to wait for an annual show. Honestly, fans are in the best position ever for 6”. By supporting the online club (which we know was a “risk” in year 1 with a lot of unknowns at the time we sold the sub) fans are really going to be rewarded. Ideally it will be like getting a DCU 6” SDCC item every month. (no need to toy hunt!) Metron is a great example. How in the world would we have done that at retail? He would have had to be part of a “deluxe” assortment with a Batman and Superman deluxe figure and would have been short packed with many fans unable to find him. He would have been better off at SDCC to do the full chair. BUT now that we have CIE we can just include him (and other collector only figures) without retail restrains or having to wait for SDCC. With the online club the gloves are off and you will really see some great collector product (pending the sub goes forward in 2013, which I can’t imagine it won’t!).

Why was the design of Horde Prime’s crossbow changed from the prototype to the production figure?

It was not. You may be looking at an image of it upside down!

When will we know the other characters that will be slotted for the Fan’s Choice vote for 2013? Knowing the characters might be the tipping point to get me to subscribe for next year.

Yes, these will be announced at our fan panel at SDCC before the sub goes on sale. Every sub holder will get one “code” to vote for each sub they buy. Voting will only be open during the sub purchase window (about 2 weeks). After it closes we will announce the winner!

So, since Zuul is now the SDCC figure, we don’t have any indication of further GB figures past her and the Rookie. Are more GB figures still coming in 2012?

In 2012 there will be one more 6″ figure announced at SDCC.

Toy Guru, I know we are in that very long holding pattern until we get more reveals at Comic Con, but as a big FilMation fan, past Shadow Weaver, I have not had a chance to get excited about characters from the show yet this year. Can you give a litle preview and confirm whether or not there is another FilMation (unique) character coming before the end of the year? Please!

We did not get Filmation rights until after the 2012 line was locked down (remember, toy lines are worked on 2 years in advance, toys you are seeing now were started in 2010). We were able to sneak Shadow Weaver in, but you really won’t see major Filmation until the 2013 line.

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