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Ask Matty – 5/1/12

It’s Matty May Day but instead of leaving flowers on your doorstep, Matty has left new answers on your internets. Check out the scoop after the break.

Was there a specific reason why Thunder Punch He-Man was given a lighter (less tan) complexion than past He-Man figures?

Both the Horsemen and Mattel design wanted to offer something a little different from previous releases to make the figure stand out on your shelf.

Matty, since the release of Draego-Man, several fans online have been discussing the possibility of the Horsemen getting to design an all-new character each year, perhaps as an out-of-sub figure. Would that be possible?

The great news is there are 5 more all new figures coming in 2012 including Mighty Spector, Sir Laser-Lot a figure designed by Terrie Higuchi from Mattel design and the fan contest winner. There are no plans right now to continue this in 2013, but you never know what the future will bring.

Are variations of characters being considered for the Club Infinite Earths, or are the slots reserved for unique characters? Example: does Uncle Sam have an advantage over something like Hook Hand Aquaman?

Yes, significant variants of figures are being considered just as much as new characters, as long as they are fan demanded!

What day will Zuul be released on Matty Collector?

That will be announced soon.

Editor’s Note: This question was submitted prior to Mattel revealing their San Diego Comic Con exclusives. The Zuul figure is now slotted for the show with a $25 price point.

Way back when the GB sub was canceled you promised there would be something for those that signed up for 2012. It has been months now, what is it? Thanks.

Yup. It is coming. We are just waiting to have samples in before announcing it. But it will happen.

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