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GI JOE Review – Steel Brigade



Yep. We’ll never be a GI Joe site, and have no intention of getting in on that, there are plenty of other places for that. But I’ll be damned if we don’t give this line enough coverage.

Prodigy reviewed the super duper Snake Eyes a last year (link), not certain review is the right description, it was more like a Penthouse Letter about how great the figure was. Steel Brigade pictured here uses that same base sculpt, with different colors. There was another version of this same figure with different arms, General Joes has a great review (link) where you can read more about it.

I’m a long time GI JOE fan and a lot of my interest in toys stems from collecting GI JOE, Transformers, Star Wars, Micronauts, Mego, Metal Men and Masters of the Universe as a kid. But it was Joes that really got me, all those points of articulation, the addition of the bicep swivel, the ball jointed neck. And the pure mass of figures to collect. An amazing line and one that I still dabble with today.

I decided to give a shot since this is my favorite figure yet, although Tunnel Rat is growing on me. It also represents a chance for me to try and photograph these little bastards, on thing is focusing on a 6 inch figure or 12 incher, but a little peabody like this? Oi.

This figure is loaded with accessories. 2 guns a bazooka, helmet, backpack for bazooka shells, backpack (not pictured), not to mention the bandoleer, vest and collar. This is a decked out figure and one of the few army builders that I pull out and pose in action scenes (adults don’t play with toys we pose them…). If I were to nitpick about this figure it would be in regards to the missing gun and silencer (that holster is mighty empty); and the missing knife. What the hell? All this kit and skimp on those.

I love this base figure. It has all the classic nuances will all the modern tweaks needed. Snake Eyes and Stalker also share this sculpt and they are awesome. Last year I invaded my parents attic and I can confirm that I never had Steel Brigade. I’ve since made up for that and bought 5, one of them gave up his vest and bandoleer to Renegades Duke, but inherited some fodder. He’s the black sheep as he is missing a gun holster. Yeah yeah I know.


For all you army builders I cannot recommend this figure enough and for anyone thinking they just want one guy in their troop called Steel Brigade then bonus for you!