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CC30: Homage & Parodies – Series 1 Women of Wonder by Jenjen4280

Homage & Parodies – Series 1: Women of Wonder

This exciting new line of action figures takes its cues from iconic comic book characters and how those characters are reimagined by other artists and writers. The first series in this line is based on DC’s Wonder Woman: the original inspiration for warrior woman since 1942!

The Lady – The only “lady” in the League of Honor and more of a lover than a fighter, this lady will kick your butt and then hit on your girlfriend.
Winged Victory - Astro City’s warrior woman whose focus on saving women first has made her one of the City’s most controversial heroes.
American Maid – An Olympic-level trained athlete, American Maid has no superpowers but that doesn’t prevent her from fighting crime alongside the Tick and Arthur.
War Woman – A founding member of the original Guardians of the Globe, War Woman fought to protect the world until her brutal murder at the hands of Omni-Man.

 Look for Series 2: Dark Knights in Spring 2012!