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Ask Matty – 12/15/11

Well friends, this is the last round until Mid-January, so enjoy the answers and then have happy holidays!

1. Simple question: when can we see the DC Universe subscription Poison Ivy figure?

Be on the lookout for more DC Universe Club Infinite Earths reveals after the holidays!

2. With Space Ghost having been featured in a Batman Brave and the Bold episode, does this mean that there are no licensing restrictions preventing him from inclusion in the as yet un-namend rebranded 6 inch line?

The 6″ line has been branded “DC Universe All-Stars”. Unfortunately though Space Ghost is not currently part of the Mattel contract despite appearing in B&TB

3. Are any of the figures (particularly DOOMSDAY) featured in the Reign of the Supermen series listed at online retailers new sculpts or are they all plain reissues (hopefully not)?

There will be no “Reign of the Superman” wave or series. This information is not correct and was not anmounced by Mattel.

4. Since the TRU MOTU/DC two packs are no more, do you have a way for us to get some of the viable repaints of figures that would have fit into that scheme? Figures like red Beast Man, Green Trap Jaw and peach Stratos would be great figures to get, but not in the sub. How can we get them now?

The 2 packs indeed were a great vehicle to get to some of these variants, but so are the quarterly variant slots and you may see some characters originally planned for a TRU 2 pack show up as a figure variant in one of the quarterly slots one day! Stay tuned!

5. Since both Evil Seed and King Miro have very distinct looks in their FilMation and 200x designs, how will their figures be handled in the Classics line? One over the other? A hybrid? Thanks.

Now that we have acquired access to Filmation, the Horsemen have said they will be looking at the total influence of all versions for each figure. So yes, you could see anything from a hybrid to interchangeable parts to even unique variant figures. It all depends on where the line goes. Nothing is set in stone and we try to tackle each figure to be the best he/she or it can be. There is no one rule we follow. It is a figure by figure design.

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