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Ask Matty – 12/1/11

It’s the first of the month, it’s the first of the month… so, of course that means another edition of Ask Matty! Only one more left until mid-January so I hope you got your questions turned in!

1. Okay, Matty – now that the Forever People have had an AWESOME turn on the Young Justice show, can we please see them in Club Infinite Earths, All-Stars or as a box set? The Fourth World demands it!

You’ll have to wait and see!

2. You recently unveiled the line-up for the first series of DC All-Stars, can you tell us why the motivation was to include the Flash Point Plastic Man figure? Since the mantra of the line is one for more mass appeal to moms and kids, this brief (and now expired) look seems to go against that thinking.

We are offering characters at retail that are appealing to a broad base of fans. Plastic Man is a popular character, and we know that there were fans of the Flashpoint storylines. We are excited to offer him as part of the first mix.

3. So, DC All-Stars series 1 has four figures (and of them, Batman Beyond appears to be a straight-up reissue), is that the number and variety we can expect of this line going forward?

Each mix will be different, there is not a set pattern that can be interpreted from the first mix. Be on the lookout for more reveals soon!

4. We have been told that there are no “FilMation Versions” of characters planned for the line just for the sake of having them. However, what about Count Marzo? His look is a major departure from the MYP-influenced figure we have already gotten that he would make a great quarterly variant. Is this possible for this character?

He would be a good example of a distinctly different look for Marzo, but with so many other original characters to do it is not likely we will get to this variant in the near future. But it is not off the table!

5. Can you share how many product releases you have scheduled for the 2012 Matty Collector WWE Legends line? The fan vote yielded six characters, but are there still some more releases that have not yet been announced?

The 6 Legends we have already announced represent the entire MattyCollector Legends line for 2012. As for 2013, time will tell…

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