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Ask Matty – 9/15/11

It is time for your mid-month Matty fix!

Since Filmation is now on the table and characters will be making their way into various factions, would it be a good time to introduce “logos” for the Heroic and Evil Warriors so that the newly annointed recruits will have their affiliations clearly marked for those that might not know? Could be flashy!

No. We don’t want to over do it on the team stickers. We are also going by the precedent from the vintage line that the Evil Warriors and Heroic Masters did not have stickers.

When are we going to get some insight to the game plan for DC 6-inch at retail? Hopefully by the time this question is answered we will know the fate of the subscription, but a LOT of fans really need to know what the plan for store shelves is once 2012 hits.

At NYCC we’ll have more news on the specifics of the DC Universe product at retail in 2012.

Okay, we are getting Vigo the Carpathian in December and that is AWESOME! But, a lot of what made Mr. Vigo so great was is lackey Janosz, so we are going to need him too. How do you see him? In his corporeal form, complete with party hat, or as a spirit “nanny”?

Personally, I’d love to see him in his human form with a party hat. He was an awesome character, but unfortunately there aren’t any plans to make him a figure right now.

There seems to be a little confusion about the upcoming, re-branded 6″ retail line. You have said that the character selection will focus not merely on DCnU designs, but on more “mainstream” characters like Superman and Batman. Seeing as how there are a limited number of “mainstream” characters, can we expect the line to explore classic, comic-inspired figures (for example Golden Age Superman or Earth-2 Robin) or is it more likely to venture into things like “scuba attack Batman” and “kryptonite armor Superman”?

You likely won’t see “Scuba Attack Batman” in the rebranded line. While the line will focus on mainstream characters such as Batman and Superman, think of all of the awesome versions of Batman and Superman in the comics. We can bring those to life in the 2012 retail line.